Our Process

At J&F Specialties our number one priority is to provide a pleasant, stress-free remodeling experience for our clients. We have the following processes in place to ensure that is the case for every project.

  • In-Home Consultation: Our first meeting is complimentary and will start you on the road toward achieving your dream remodel. John, the owner, will meet with you. During this meeting John will inquire about why you wish to remodel, about the “style” or “look” you’re after and other important project options.
  • Estimate range:  John will, within a few days, will be able to provide a cost range for the scope of work discussed.  The range is based on experience and similar projects completed.  If the estimated cost is in line with the anticipated investment, then we will prepare a formal agreement to move forward.
  • Pre-Construction:  The next step is to execute a Pre-construction Agreement which will detail the scope of work.  With this agreement there will be a Design Fee/deposit.  This fee will be applied to the contract cost and is included in the estimate cost for the project. We will then measure your space and begin to draw a concept or two based on the consultation.  You will meet with our design team who will show you perspective drawings, floor plans and elevations. With these plans, you will be able to see your dreams and ideas take shape.  At this point you will begin selecting materials. Once the designs are finalized and all material selections are made we will determine the fixed cost for the project.
  • Contract:  With the plans reviewed and materials selected we’ll sign a Construction Contract which will be a comprehensive fixed-price contract, so we can initiate planning and pre-construction activities at your home.  This document will be the road map to your dream remodel! Unless you choose to change the scope of work or hidden conditions are found, this will be the final cost for the project—no surprises.
  • Project Planning:  Once your contract is signed, you will have the pleasure of meeting the J&F Specialties staff and find out who will be responsible for the different aspects of your project. At this point we can begin to schedule your trade contractors and begin the project planning. The Project Manager will schedule meetings with you to keep you informed on the progress of the remodel.
  • Construction:  As the project proceeds through completion, our process will include regularly scheduled meetings with you that will ensure a smooth and pleasant remodeling experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction is our top priority at J&F Specialties.  To ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your project, we always schedule a follow up appointment shortly after completion of the project.  We also gladly give you the opportunity to review our company on a number of review sites.
  • Payment Details: 
    • Initial Consultation:  Complimentary
    • Pre-Construction Agreement:  $3000 to $6000 depending on scope of work (larger projects such as additions may be higher)
    • Construction: Progress payments as outlined in contract