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Kitchen Trends in 2019
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Kitchen Trends in 2019

Posted On: July 18, 2019

While strictly adhering to trends is not always the most effective means of creating the space you want most, it is a wonderful way of generating new ideas that you can incorporate into your planning and design. Some of the best and most successful projects come from one simple inspiration.

The following are some of the top kitchen trends we’re seeing in 2019.

Creative Storage Is Still a Top Trend

When everything in your kitchen has a place, you wind up with a more attractive and functional space while also keeping one of the most heavily used rooms in the home organized.

Kitchen storage options in 2019 are mostly focusing on custom cabinetry, like adding in new inset cabinetry to remove visual clutter while retaining adequate storage. However, there are some more unique and creative options popping up, including vertical kitchen storage, recessed storage, and even cleverly integrated baskets.

Cabinet Refacing Offers a Great Way to Freshen Up

If you’re already in love with your kitchen design but really want some change this summer, cabinet refacing is a powerful option. Not only does refacing offer a cost-effective solution for your needs, but it also provides you with an opportunity to change up the color or design, or to freshen up your space with minimal time and financial investment.

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Upgrading Kitchen Appliances Adds Beauty & Functionality

There are many reasons why homeowners are reevaluating their appliances now more than ever. Many are homeowners that have been using the same refrigerator and stove for years, if not decades. The older models just can’t keep up in terms of usability and convenience. Options like Wi-Fi accessibility and controls, smart programming, and energy-efficient design that can keep bills lower and our environment cleaner are all big reasons why choosing appliances is the way to go this year.

White Kitchens Are at the Top

In terms of color design, rustic woods and modern metals are still seeing an impressive array of takes. However, white cabinets and walls are still reigning supreme. This is likely because white offers an excellent base for some of your less conventional ideas.

Interested in new gunmetal faucets, but worried they would clash with granite countertops? White marble or soapstone will add balance. Want a colorful backsplash, but don’t want to wind up with a “noisy” looking kitchen? Accenting in color and using white for larger areas creates a great contrast that continues to look smart and clean.

Open concept kitchen with white cabinetry

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