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So, Your Kitchen Needs a Refresh? Where To Start!
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So, Your Kitchen Needs a Refresh? Where To Start!

Posted On: November 24, 2021

Burke, VA kitchen remodeling project

If your kitchen is looking a little lackluster these days, you might be wondering how you can update your culinary aesthetic without breaking the bank. Especially if you’re happy with the bones of your kitchen but are looking to refresh its style, a full-scale kitchen remodel might not be the wisest investment to make. Instead, you can achieve the same effect of a remodel simply by focusing on one area of your kitchen: the cabinets.

Outdated kitchen cabinets can draw attention away from an otherwise beautifully crafted kitchen. By making a few strategic and stylistic changes to your cabinets, you’ll have an entirely new culinary space that you’ll be proud to show off at your next dinner party!

5 Fun Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

When your old cabinets have worn out their welcome, you don’t need to order all-new, custom cabinetry to achieve a kitchen refresh. These five kitchen cabinet hacks offer a fun, affordable way to achieve the updated look and feel you crave for your culinary space:

Adjust the Shelving Height

One of the most frustrating things about outdated kitchen cabinets is their inability to satisfy your changing storage needs. What many homeowners fail to realize, however, is that they can easily customize their cabinets by adjusting the shelving height. Simply raising or lowering the shelf height in some of your most agitating cabinets can go a long way in increasing storage capacity and everyday functionality.

Consider Adding Puck Lights

Shine a little light on the subject: Placing a few cup lights under your upper cabinets is a great way to increase visibility in a darkened kitchen. As an extra benefit, the added lighting can help set a new mood in your culinary space.

Add Colored Washi Tape

Most rolls of washi tape are the same width as your cabinet shelves, making it an excellent resource for adding a surprising pop of color inside your kitchen. Washi tape is also easy to reposition as you place it on the desired surface, so you can get the edges as straight as possible without having to worry about the adhesive being too strong to reposition your work.

Change Out Your Hardware

Perhaps your cabinets’ hardware is the source of your displeasure with your current kitchen style. If that’s the case, consider changing out the handles and knobs for a more interesting design that speaks to your aesthetic. Available in plenty of colors and configurations, there’s cabinet hardware that’s sure to please any stylistic preference!

Take Off the Door

Get the open shelving you always wanted: Pick one of the cabinets in your kitchen and remove the door from its hinges. Now, you’ll have a designated display area to show off your fine china or holiday decorations. You can keep the cabinet door for when you want it back, or you can apply some chalkboard paint to the front to create a to-do list to hang in your kitchen.

Treat Yourself to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If your cabinets need a drastic change but you aren’t ready for a full kitchen remodel, cabinet refacing might be the solution you need. Cabinet refacing is a quicker, more affordable option compared to custom cabinetry, allowing homeowners to achieve a new look and feel to their existing cabinetry. The process involves having your home remodeling contractor replace the existing doors and drawer fronts with the door style, wood species, and finish of your choice. Then, a matching veneer is applied to all exposed end panels and face frames of the existing cabinets to complete the look. Cabinet refacing is ideal for homeowners who:

  • Have cabinets that are in sturdy condition
  • Have cabinet interiors that are in good shape
  • Are happy with the existing layout of their kitchens
  • Like their existing countertops

Unlike a total kitchen remodel, cabinet refacing only takes a few days to complete and involves very little disturbance to your everyday life.

Request a Cabinet Refacing Consultation With J&F Specialties!

Looking to update the look of your kitchen without requesting a full-scale kitchen remodel? J&F Specialties has the cabinet refacing solutions you need to achieve an all-new aesthetic without completely redesigning your culinary space. Our home remodeling experts work closely with each client, ensuring they receive personalized solutions that speak to their individual preferences.

Refresh your kitchen with help from the home remodeling experts at J&F Specialties. Call 703-913-3242 to request a cabinet refacing consultation!